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released December 17, 2016

Avenue Studios



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Track Name: The Truth
you follow your leaders with blind eyes
you fools
they are the laws of men

you follow your leaders with blind eyes
you fools
I follow my own path

I'm so fucking weary of my deception
im so weary of your lie

in the darkness I hold onto my lie
so I can sleep at night
in a coma where you're shielded from harm
from my true form

I'll break away
taking back my life from the hands of love

we're waiting for truth to guide the way
we're waiting on our own

I hope you can live forever knowing what you've done
turning your back on you you're supposed to love

we're waiting on your love

you follow your leaders with blind eyes
you fucking fools
you fools
Track Name: For Better Or Worse
father thank you for instilling in me the drive to be whatever I wanted to be
kind and compassionate nature
the best parts of me are you
but father please explain this anger and pain

from deep within me, no warning
unnecessary hurt and mourning
is part of me broken inside

with these questions I see a sadness in your eye
a stir of memories
a look of despise
you're not alone
you're not the only one
"I'm sorry my boy, you truly are my son"

clarity revealed from a clouded past
a lonely child looking to escape his lonely prison from his own mind

he would never see his own lie

you kept it hidden, never let us see
the inner demons that live in me
by your example I will understand
I promise you father, I'll be a better man

for better or worse I am your son

father help me
I no not what I do
save me from myself
I need your love
I need your guidance
I am you

for better or worse
Track Name: Forsakers
forsakers you've turned your back on one I love
your flesh and blood
forsakers how could you let her slip away
for fucking shame

you are not the parents I came to know
whatever happened to unconditional love
you chose to let it go in favour of your faith

you've said your goodbyes
you're letting her die in your eyes

it's fucking clear what you cherish most
I hope your faith brings you comfort while you treat your blood like walking ghosts
your god doesn't hold us down

forsakers we've slipped away
and we won't be there when you fucking wake up